Watch Face

The watch face is designed and conceived by professional watch designers of a renowned Swiss company “White Brand Design”. It draws its essence from the know-how and elegance of high Swiss watch manufacturers while being very contemporary. Special care has been made to recreate the materials, animations, and finishes that reflect the code of classical watchmaking.


Client Brief:

White Brand Design, one of the renowned Swiss watchmaking company wanted to work with a digital platform to create a sustainable business impact in the industry. Brain Station 23 helped the company to integrate their designs with their desired platform.

Our Solution:

The watch face is highly customizable and customers can choose between different background and accent colors. We are thus providing solutions for specific needs and helping to sort the complications for the customers.

Watch Face


1. Retrograde seconds
2. Hours and minutes dials
3. Date indicator
4. Dynamic light and reflections, changing with device orientation
5. Retrograde seconds


“The devil lies in the details.” Developing the watch faces in a way so that it looks exactly the design was provided to meet the expectation of our client. One of the best parts of Android Wear is the ability to customize according to personal styles. Thus making the watch look how the customers demand with the unique features and designs, we are delighted to make our client and their customers happy.

Technology Used

Android Watch : Android development platform
Tizen Watch : Tizen Development Platform