Virtual Affairs

Virtual Affairs is an international software and services company in Netherlands who works dedicated for banks and Insurance’s digital transforming. For Virtual Affairs we have provided solutions for their product named Insurance Right. For Virtual Affairs the challenge is to benefit their clients with a personalized customer experience, increased loyalty and higher conversion rates.

Client Brief:

Virtual Affairs is an international software and services company that specializes in transforming digital channels for banks and insurance providers. Our flagship products are Insurance Right, Banking Right, and Investment Right. With over 19 years of experience in the world of digital transformation, they have been supporting their clients to better understand online behavioral patterns and create an engaging customer journey.

Our Solution:

We have developed the InsuranceRight (IR) platform for Virtual Affairs. All customer-facing components that users interact with directly are listed and described, except for insurance product-dependent components (like funnel form field definitions and MyZone information concerning the insurance products etc.).

Our Product



IR features:

-Car Insurance
-Travel Insurance
-Liability Insurance
-Household Insurance
-Health Insurance

Generic features:

-Responsive web design
-*nok* alerting
-*nok* contact
-Log in and out
-Page layout
-*nok* search
-*nok* landing pages
-Customer service forms
-Customer service
-Form fields
-Tab order

-*nok* orientation playground
-Sales funnel navigation
-Feedback (at end of funnel)
-Save for later
-Retrieve credentials
-Cookie statement and settings
-*nok* back to top
-*nok* loading indicator
-Session timeout
-Error handling (on site level)
-E-mail template


  • Sitecore
  • ASP.Net
  • Angular