Student 2 Student

Made Textbook Exchange Easy

Project Synopsis

It’s an awesome web application for students to buy & sell used books. The application comes very handy for buying & selling as students need to just register for an account to do so. Students can register & post the books online defining contact method. Then any student from same or different school can contact & do the next move. Students with or without deals can purchase books from the application. Students can search with search criteria. They can even compare prices between different sellers and easily purchase them directly from the application.

Project Challenges

There were many challenges that came along the way of developing such idea. We can list some, like challenges faced to-

  • Create Authentication System with out Ah2 with social logins like Facebook and Google
  • Crawl book data from different APIs and store them efficiently
  • Real-time messaging system
  • Manage different type of contact methods
  • Built and implement vastly customized email templates
  • Built responsive design for complex views in mobile devices and much more.

Solution We Provided

We have developed system authentication with oAuth2 with social login like Facebook & Google. Added real-time messaging system with that. Crawling book data from different APIs and storing them efficiently was done. Different types of contact methods management were provided such way that it becomes easily manageable. We built & implemented vastly customized email templates for them. Also made the design responsive for mobile devices.

Technology Used

Backend: Symfony Framework (PHP)
Front end: Web: Angular, Bootstrap 3, HTML 5, CSS3
Front end: App: React-Native
GIT tool used: Bitbucket(Host), SmartGit