Latitude-23 is a 3D Visualization company.

They needed resource manager to manage their 3D resources like max files, textures in a zipped, taggable and searchable locations.
So that, they can find it easily and anytime they want. To help them with resource management Brain Station 23 Ltd. came up with an open source software. So that, they will be able to customize the software according to their needs.


They needed information about popular home appliances, so that, new people can easily find good resources and use them easily. Along with information, resource managing was also a challenge for them. And for that, Digital Resource Manager (DRM) was a must.


BS23 built a DMR for Latitude-23 with which they now keep their resources organized. They can find and tag resources easily, can rate a content whenever they want, give the command for specific download option, keep backup and much more.