Incepta Pharmaceuticals

Mobile Sales Force Automation

Mobile Sales Force Automation Apps (mSFA) were designed for creating sales mobility for Incepta Pharmaceuticals limited. It helps Incepta’s MPOs (in operation) to run sales more successfully.


Primarily Incepta was using a JAVA application deployed on Java Phone and SMS channel for order taking, stock information checking and requisition. It was a time-consuming process and not a real time solution. So, our challenge was to make the process short & to make it faster.


Brain Station 23 Ltd. developed an advance mSFA for Incepta. With which now the MPOs can take orders, check real time stocks, sample requisitions, see Doctors’ call reports and other reports etc. And they are using the mSFA Apps on their Android based smart phones. So, works of MPOs have become easier & fruitful than before.


How our mSFA works

This App is extremely easy to use and everyone can use it. The app is very fast and can run on low-end android mobiles. With our ‘User Login’ feature log in with the app is easier than before. Cause you don’t need to trouble the system admin for login anymore. Username and password will be provided accordingly with an individual phone number.

Then when MPO’s are in the field collecting data they will be able to compare stocks with our ‘real time stock comparing’ feature. If the internet is not available the data will be stored offline. And when the internet is available the app will automatically sync the data. Then, with the depot’s stock MPOs can see how much order he can place.
While visiting a doctor, MPOs can write reports in this app just by completing some fields. There s/he can also mention which samples or gifts he has given to that doctor. Can check activity history of his/her daily works. Also, can edit info before sending to the server. With this app, managers can track the MPOs movements. Therefore, the App ensures transparency as well.

Screenshot Showcase

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Advantages and Features

  • Source code is open
  • Reduces sales cycle duration.
  • Simplest User Login feature
  • Real time stock comparing
  • App synchronization with the depot’s stock
  • Reports on visiting doctors
  • Saves money by replacing paper work
  • Increases sales win rates
  • Saves environment by less paper work
  • MPO’s location tracking by GPS
  • Reports of orders
  • Summarized reports
  • Activity history
  • Run faster even on low-end android mobile
  • Places and stores orders offline
  • Place orders with SMS as well
  • Automatically syncs data when gets the internet
  • Tracks MPO’s position through GPS

Technology Used

API : C#, .net
SMS Server: C#
Mobile app : Java, XML