Green Road

GreenRoad is a US and UK based business of Fleet management system. Brain Station 23 has developed a system for the company which is a vehicles and drivers’ safety system that includes tracking management and performance monitoring activities.


Client Brief:

GreenRoad was founded in 2004 by two mathematicians to help fleet-based companies improve driver safety and reduce overall risks and costs. Since then, they’ve helped customers around the world improve efficiencies and add millions of dollars a year back to their bottom line.

Our Solution:

We have been developing two major applications for GreenRoad. One is “Support console” which is an admin panel for the vehicle tracker management system. The admin can track all the customers’ vehicles under one management system by monitoring. The features also include tracking device management, controlling cameras in the vehicle, controlling beacons in vehicles, communication with different adapters for unit installing, speed tracking etc. Then Installer app is dedicated for different contractors to install the devices in the clients’ vehicles. Besides these two, we have also been working on several small projects for the company’s internal development purpose.

Fleet management system




Objective In-Vehicle Feedback
Safety Scores
In-Vehicle Video
Safety Hotspots
Instant Driving Tips
Live Tracking & Resource Locator
Landmarks & Geo-Fencing
Idling Hotspots
Route Replay & Tracking History
Fuel & Idling Optimization
Vehicle Health & Service Management
Real-time Alerts

Dashboards, Management Tools & Reports
Administration & Utilization Reports


Fleet Document Management
Expense Management
Fuel Card Integration
Tax & Fuel Regulation


Change Management Planning
Educational Resources
Driver Engagement
Program Planning

Technology Used

ASP.NET 4.5 with C#, MVC 5, WCF, web form, Linq to SQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Visual Studio 2015, Team foundation server 2013, Jquery, jquery mobile, Microsoft message queuing etc.