‘GoWashMyCar’ is The UK’s largest car wash specialists. Vetted car wash pros that come to you with fully insured and secure payments. GoWashMyCar is UK’s most demanded valet car washing app to reduce people’s worry about finding a parking lot in London. In office hours it’s really an added mental stress whether you will be able to find a place for parking or not.


Client Brief:

From the idea of creating both iOS and an Android app and keeping the financial condition in mind GoWashMyCar founders outsourced the development project to us. Since then Brain Station 23 has been associated with GoWashMyCar.

Our Solution:

To build a ‘Real Time app’ in an ‘automated engine’ we served the best developers. We ensured undistorted communication through Slack & for a great interaction occupied in a Task manager.

GoWashMyCar Mobile Application
(Both iOS & Android)


• Real time Application in IOS and Android
• Book order at user’s preferred place on the map within service area
• Discount count with promo & referral code
• Automatic billing using stripe payment
• Order web booking from browser
• Real time notification for non-technical users
• Real time sms and email notification
• Visual display of orders status on maps
• Call center using twillo and our api
• Customer service by chat and call from app

Why Do Customers Choose GoWashMyCar?

• No more long car wash queues
• Wash your car anywhere publicly accessible
• Trusted and highly skilled mobile car wash pros
• Simple and secure online payment
• Environmentally friendly products

Technology Used

Server End: Ruby on Rails
iOS App: Swift
Android App: Java