Fight Athlete

FightAthlete is a Dutch company serving as a facilitator to the top level athletes for their strength and condition training and mental coaching for national and international competitions. They needed mobile application and website of top-class to get engaged with more athletes worldwide. Brain Station 23 took the responsibility of delivering those items for them to add up to their great work which is driven by


Client Brief:

FightAthlete is the workout app offered by a Dutch company for fighters. The company is formed in collaboration with ReAT Sports. ReAT Sports Performance Center has facilities exclusively for top-level athletes. Which also has many years of experience in offering strength and condition training and mental coaching to national and international athletes all over the world.

Our Solution:

Initially, the company was in need of a mobile application but after knowing our full potential they didn’t risk their website development work conveying to others. As a result, we were engaged to develop their website as well with the mobile application which is a very unique with its custom features.

FightAthlete Mobile Application (Both iOS & Android)


  • Real-time Application in IOS and Android
  • Workout videos for fitness
  • Exercise-based on workout
  • Real-time push notification
  • Level wise workout
  • Battle for workouts
  • Analytics of workout
  • Localization of the app

Technology Used

Xamarin, Asp.Net