Detective Connect

To connect with the public through Internet marketing qualified licensed private investigators are indispensable. Therefore, Brain Station made Detective Connect (node.js, backbone) for Boutique Internet marketing company to connect with the public with qualified licensed private investigators in their locality. Being founded and managed by licensed private investigators, Detective Connect brings reliance to the public while hiring qualified licensed private investigators in a real-time.

Technical requirements were

— Highly scalable asynchronous, event-driven processing.
— Server api consumable from browser application, mobile and others vice versa
— Data format json.
— Client and server application pluggable
— Dynamic scope and permissions
— OpenID and OAuth support
— Client application SEO support
— Statics and reporting
— The system should be built using free open source software
— Cross platform support
— The system works in major browsers
— Touch device support


By detective connect

— Users can see investigators by their city or zip or state.
— Users can see investigators of different services.
— Users can connect with the investigators over phone calls or messages by detective connect.
— Users can give feedbacks on investigators which are assessable by investigators.
— All messages and feedbacks are notified to Investigators are informed by email.
Investigators can create profiles.
— Admin can assign one or more cities.
— Admin can pend or reject any investigator.
— Admin can see most visited or communicated investigators along with the inactive ones.
— Admin can see user’s search criteria.
— Admin can see user’s reviews.
— Admin can add, update or remove investigators.
— Admin can add, update or remove feature partners which are show at home page by state.
— Admin can search anything of the related field.

Technology used

For Server side Application

Node.js, Express.js, Passport.js, Cluster.js, Winston.js, BCrypt.js, MySQL, Module + Façade and Mediator pattern

For Browser Application

Backbone.js, Require.js, Dust.js, Underscore.js, Jquery, MVC pattern