On-Demand Valet Parking App

‘Vallie’ is London’s first on-demand valet parking app to reduce people’s worry about finding a parking lot in London. In office hours it’s really an added mental stress whether you will be able to find a place for parking or not.

Early Story

Vallie’s Co-founders Nash Islam and Robin Doble had come up with the idea of valet parking in London to ease the daily tension of the general mass. Though valet parking is a very common practice in the USA, still valet isn’t a widely practiced parking in the UK. And with Vallie, the founders are hoping to make the idea common. So, here’s how a valet parking will work in ‘Vallie’. A person (valet) will always be there, to pick up the Client’s car after they call for the service. Then s/he’ll park it and return it right back to them as claimed.

Market Research

The founders did a market research before Vallie happened. They found that the average motorist in the UK wastes 106 days on their life looking for parking spaces, and that parking in Europe generates EUR 45 billion in revenue every year. On that very statistics, they came up with the idea of Vallie for which now people can drop off their cars anywhere in the small area of the City of London, otherwise known as the Square Mile, then hand over their keys to a pre-checked Vallie driver and can relax about their car’s parking!


Client Brief:

From the idea of creating an iOS app and keeping financial condition in mind Vallie founders outsourced the development project to us. Since then Brain Station 23 has been working with Vallie.


Our Solution:

To built a ‘Real Time app’ in an ‘automated engine’ we served the best developers. We ensured undistorted communication through Slack & for a great interaction occupied a Task manager.



The team started working from July 2015 and has been doing great till now. With a very convenient service charge Vallie is already a hit among it’s clients. And their additional services has moved them to a next level.

Screenshot Showcase

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Features of Vallie

— Real time Application in IOS and Android
— Location and car park status tracker
— Placing order based on distance
— Drop-off and return point direction updater
— Cost of parking based on duration
— Discount count with promo & referral code
— Automatic billing using stripe payment
— Order web booking from browser
— Bundle orders for corporate & restaurant
— Real time notification for non-technical users
— Real time sms and email notification
— Visual display of orders status on maps
— Real time position displaying of valet
— Pre-assigned valet and car park from admin
— Call center using twillo and our api
— Customer service by chat and call from app

Additional services offered


Technology Used

Server End: Node JS
iOS App: Objective C
Android App: Java