Splash 360


Splash 360

Complete Email Marketing Solution

If there is a need of better executive support or CRM strategy and you need a departmental solution for your company to escalate, SPLASH 360° is there for you. It has both SaaS and white labeled versions. Since, 2008 Brain Station 23 has been upgrading & releasing different versions to help CRM projects for effective Email marketing.


So, if you thinking of the challenges for Email Marketing, then you’ll find these few points that will give you most headaches. Number one, is to get into the inbox (rather than spam box); two, is to build subscribers, three, is to track down the click rates then finally, auto detect the low priority sections.


For these headaches to go away, you just need to take Splash 360 as your regular pill. Splash will give you all-in-one digital marketing platform. Where you’ll find the best online marketing tools to design, deliver, and sell better than ever.

Why SPLASH 360?

— Immense Email Campaigning Option
— Accessibility & Affordability
— Productivity Improvement
— Splendid Business lifeline
— Simplicity With Elegance & Flexibility.
— Sales Focused
— Result Oriented

— Awesome Web Application

— Super Mobile Responsive

This Customizable contact management has

— An Amazing Dashboard

— Super Contact Management

— Grand Email Marketing

— Multiple Social Media Sharing
— Excellent Digital Printing Option
— Incredible Report Generator
— Effective Leads Generating capability

Splash is Suitable for

— Digital Marketing Agencies

— Franchises

— IT Service Providers

— Software Re-sellers

— Telemarketing Agencies

— Training Provider
— Retailers
— Anyone Who Think Of Email Campaigning

Splash 360

Digital Printing

Splash 360

Social Media

Splash 360

Contact Management

Splash 360

Leads / Mailing Lists

Technology Used

Server End: ASP.NET MVC & WEB API, ASP.NET CORE, C#, .NET, MS SQL, Entity Framework & EF core, Micro service, Git
Client End: jQuery, Angular2, Backbone, JavaScript, Ajax