nVision Mobile Solution

In 2011 November, Brain Station 23 met nSales in a B2B match making the event. Out of all the participants, nSales sensed that their existing sales automation project can be outsourced to us. They started a one-month trial project and when it was successful they hand over the project to us entirely. Since then we are working together as a team.


nSales wanted their sales to get fully automated. They wanted their sales people to place orders with their iPad. Then to show products through iPad to clients. Also to show stocks and promised delivery dates with the iPad. The total system they wanted to be connected with the central ERP system of the client along with a central system of nSales.


We developed the sales automation system for nSales. It was a time of recession and we helped them then with this new technology. We helped them to overcome budget problem with an upholding solution. We served them with the newest techs like ASP.net MVC 3, MVVM JS etc. along with Telerik and iPad development experience.

For developing ASPN.net and iOS developers were occupied. The team worked like a collocated team. And we made sure of 100% overlapping time with the most swift communication possible for developing. Also there, were daily scrum meetings and for managing tasks, KanBan method was followed. The process went so smoothly that it didn’t feel like they were thousands of miles away. Let me run you through the whole process in a short brief.

Managing early crux

Initial start was good, the development was going smoothly. But, in the middle of the project grown the architecture wasn’t ascended as expected. Aptitude was present but needed some guidance to match the exact Danish level of quality. However, with an open and honest communication that problem was resolved. And the team went back with speedy growth again!

Sustaining as a team

nSales was and still is very happy with our open communication, trustworthiness, flexibility and more importantly, having a pool of right talented people. On the other hand, we adore nSales because of their emphasis on new technology and giving an extra effort for making new adaptations work, because it’s easy to let go but sustaining a good team spirit is all that counts.

Securing the future

We enter into Denmark’s market with nSales and got introduced with Danish quality. Prior to this, we were working in US, UK and Canada. After nSales experience, we’ve become buoyant & have started working for other Danish clients as well.
With a reduced cost, now nSales is getting, even more, work they have even hired more people and we are happy to help, to grow our dutch friend’s business.