Car Augmentation

Our client has a global Automobile business across several countries. Their products range from variety of categories and comes in numerous visual looks and features. A better digital presentation of their products was an urgent demand.

Client Brief:

Though our client builds a great stock of automobile, cars, their consumers sometimes seek for customization and trials before buying the actual product. It’s quite the beyond the lack of space to bring all the customized and same products of different colors for the clients to explore. Instead of taking the hassle, the company choose to go smart on that facility and have an app to Augment the reality and provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Solution:

We offered an Augmented Reality mobile app as a solution of customizable digital presentation of their products. With our AR application, the user starts with a base model, then adds any number of personalized upgrades, colors until they arrive at their dream product. After the customization phase, the user switches to AR mode to view their creation at full size in the real world, providing a sense of scale and added confidence that the car in question is really what the customer wants.


The team started working on AR application for our client and we have a remarkable progress until now. A trusted team of expert developers are working on the project regularly adding new features and customization into the app to make the product standout and more soothing high definition graphics.

Automobile App

Augmented Reality & 3D Visualization


Augment on Real time car
Augment real size car in real world
Change car color with smooth graphics
Change Car wheels in real time
Give interactive information from any parts of car
Give video information in real time
Change language to see any information
Virtual button to pop up any information.

Technology Used

Unity Engine – For 3D visualization
Vuforia – For augmentation
Language – C#
Platform – Android, IOS