Timer Job

A timer job runs a specific Windows service for SharePoint 2013. The timer job contains a definition of the service to run and specifies how frequently the service is started. The SharePoint Timer Service runs timer jobs. Many features in SharePoint 2013 rely on timer jobs to run services according to a schedule. You can view the status of timer jobs that have been run by using the Central Administration website or Windows PowerShell.


Apart from all these also-
Process automation and
Binding portal will SSL certificate
was done for Berger.


Development Story

Brain Station 23 was glad to install the newest SharePoint features for Berger. The new portal gave Berger solutions like- TimeJob, WebParts, Process automation, Binding portal will SSL certificate & workflow.

Berger’s Intranet portal was developed with Microsoft SharePoint’s earlier version. Brain Station-23’s technical team worked to install the updated version of SharePoint which was of 2013 version. Regardless of the location of users, the solution was developed for Intranet Portal facilitates which is efficient for the presidency of enterprise knowledge and for the simplification of people’s collaboration, findings and information sharing. Provided solution was also for associating innovation, making better decisions and retaining knowledge of the company overall.

Therefore, Berger’s Intranet Portal substantiated to increase business productivity, to save costs and even to improve customer services, resulting in a direct impact on the success of the company.


Installed Items

SharePoint version 2013

Includes all the features below-

1. Content Management

2. Translation Services

3. Workflow Services

4. SharePoint Quizzes

5. Education Services

6. Work Management Service

7. Mobile Features

8. Excel Services

9. Access Services

10. InfoPath Forms Services

11. User Profile Service

12. Search Services

13. Business Connectivity Services


Automated flowchart to take the labor, guesswork, and randomness out of your standard working processes. You can automate-

1. Approval (route a document or item for approval or rejection)

2. Collect Feedback (route a document or item for feedback)

3. Collect Signatures (route a document, workbook, or form for digital signatures)

4. Disposition Approval (manage document expiration and retention)

5. Three-State (track an issue, project, or task through three states or phases)


WebParts include all these features-

1. Apps

2. Blog

3. Business Data

4. Community

5. Content Rollup

6. Document Sets

7. Filters

8. Forms

9. Media and Content

10. PerformancePoint

11. Search

12. Search-Driven Content

13. Social Collaboration



SharePoint is the best CMS tool for managing a business site. Therefore, any business organisation big or small can use it for running their business smoothly.

Who can use
  • Government,Libraries, archives, museums
  • Corporates, Property search companies
  • Stock market