Base Technology

To get more things done in less time and to know exactly how to perform compared to one’s monthly targets, Base Technology was in need for a distinguished CRM solution. We served them with their need for such CRM Solution with Odoo to do their work more efficiently and to choose the next move for their business more effectively and wisely.

Client Brief:

BASE Technologies, is an entity with a unique combination of EPC Contracting and Systems Integration provider, who do wide range of consulting and provides technology services. They envision being one of the strongest integrated providers of a wide range of services including Consulting, Designing, Engineering, Procurement, Construction with Fabrication and Systems Integration.

Our Solution:

We have implemented CRM solutions for Base Technologies to track their business leads, close opportunities and get more accurate forecasts for their Business. Now they can get the insights they need to make smarter decisions and they can dig deeper with real-time reports and flow charts that anyone can create and share. We have automated their process so that they can have activities based on their needed sales scripts: calls, meetings, emailing, and quotations etc.



Sales Panel

Pipeline Analysis

Target Vs Achievement Analysis
Target Converter with multi-currency


1. Pipeline analysis
2. Activity summary
3. Tracking the lead cycle
4. Multiple sales team
5. Salesman Target (Multi currency)
6. Target Vs Achievement comparison
7. Dashboard
8. Claim Management
9. Reporting

Technology Used

Python scripting and Postgres database