AB Bank

AB Bank Limited being the first private sector bank in Bangladesh has been providing Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, SME Banking and so many other services. For moving forward with the advancement of technology we have helped AB Bank with Internet Banking, Corporate Banking and SharePoint solutions.

Client Brief:

AB Bank is one of the leading private bank is Bangladesh who has also secured their place as the leading service provider, creating lasting value for their clientele, shareholder, and employees and particularly for the community it operates in. Since 1982 the bank has started operating and has achieved plenty of milestones and has incorporated numerous changes over the last 34 years.

Our Solution:

For AB Bank Limited We have provided the entire Internet Banking solution which is for Retail Banking. Also we’ve given solution for their corporate banking. All these are custom solutions that has been designed and developed only for AB Bank. Also we have automated their leave management system and decreases the paperwork and enabled easier record maintenance with Microsoft SharePoint.

FEATURES Internet Banking

Web Application   Mobile Application
·         Common navigation bar ·         Account summary
·         Opening / landing page / dashboard ·         Funds transfer
·         Accounts view (deposits and loans) ·         Customer service requests
·         Default groups ·         Inquiries
·         Account details ·         Bill payments
·         Transaction history ·         Personalization, customization & ease of navigation
·         Transfers ·         Transaction security features
·         Payments ·         Transaction reminders / notifications
·         Transaction facilities ·         Payee / alias management
·         Scheduled and recurring transactions ·         Two-factor authentication (2fa) & user security
·         User Interface
·         service requests
Administrative Items
Dual control Analytic dashboard Transactions limit control
Login and password control Reports Charges
User management Audit log Charge structure
Bank and branch maintenance User activity log Company management
Biller / institute management Scheduler management Configuration security

FEATURES Corporate Banking

·         Authentication and authorization · ·         Workflow steps
·         Bulk payments · ·         Approval queue
·         Transaction templates · ·         Corporate reports
·         Authorization workflows ·

FEATURES Leave Management System (Microsoft SharePoint)

·         Leave application ·
·         Leave approval ·
·         Attendance management ·
·         Managing leave policy ·

Technology Used

Web App : Spring MVC, Spring Security , JAVA EE, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap · Android Mobile App: Java, XML
Service App: Spring MVC, JAVA EE, RESTful APIs, Spring Security iOS Mobile App: Objective C
Windows Mobile App: C#, XAML