BRAIN STATION 51 – Storyline


BRAIN STATION 51 is your qualified partner for Digital Marketing Solutions with its key focus on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) / Adobe Experience Cloud and related applications. Extensive experience exists also with comparable products like Sitecore. Apart from that we can deliver any process item in the digital marketing value chain.
BRAIN STATION 51 focuses on resolving your demand of talented resources for digital marketing and operations while building strong partnerships with you as a customers – delivering a high quality IT-Offshore solution or even developers to your offices.

We are able to deliver this service as a result of its maxim – “Talent at your Service”

The BRAIN STATION 51 claim, the delivered quality and the low cost IT-Offshoring get realized by the elements  People,  Process  and  Product.

People: BRAIN STATION 51 combines the knowledge of 35 years of managing large corporate projects as well as realizing complex enterprise solutions. BRAIN STATION 51 is able to offer a first class offshore solution /developing service through its experienced partner BRAIN STATION 23 in Bangladesh. BRAIN STATION 23 only hires the most talented IT-developers which pass a Bangladesh-wide competition and develops their employees to respond to your complex business requirements.

Process: through its diverse background BRAIN STATION 51 is able to connect two continents and therefore minimize the cultural and institutional gap. This is possible due to experienced IT-Managers with extensive corporate background working on the local site at BRAIN STATION 51 supported by a Proxy network for project management in Germany and at the offshore site in Bangladesh with the right fitted people being committed for their IT career to BRAIN STATION 23 as being the leading IT development company within Bangladesh.

Product: BRAIN STATION 51 delivers high quality and high cost/benefit DxP solutions always based on up-to-date technologies to resolve your pain points.

BRAIN STATION 23 is an Adobe Partner having constantly trained developers in order to deliver a first-class solution & service to you. And we are proud of our colleagues in Dhaka, Bangladesh, having workplace standards comparable to Western-European countries.