Internet Banking and Financial Solutions

Internet Banking, Banking Apps, Customized Banking and Fintech Solutions tailored for your unique Banking and Financial business needs.

Give your customer the Freedom of banking from anywhere and anytime. We provide a complete range of the most secure internet banking and software solutions tailored for your banking business and financial institution. Additionally, we use the latest state of art technology to test the scalability of our applications in the test environment to see how it performs for hundreds and thousands of users. Therefore, the apps we provide are highly configurable, both in its look and feel as well as in its functions. Whether it’s Blockchain or any service bots, we are all upfront for developing the latest Fin-tech solutions for our customers in BRAIN STATION 23.

Our Services

Internet Banking (Retail)

Account summary or balance checking, Funds transfer, Customer service requests, Inquiries (checkbook, interests etc.), Online bill payments, Personalization, customization & ease of navigation, Transaction security features, Transaction reminders / notifications, View transaction details, Print Account Statement (In the form of short & for a particular period), Payee/alias management, Two-factor authentication (2fa) & user security, User Interface service requests, Detail Product lists & Product information, Change Password

Internet Banking (Corporate)

1. Authentication and authorization
2. Bulk payments
3. Transaction templates
4. Authorization workflows
5. Workflow steps
6. Approval queue
7. Corporate reports
8. Fund transfer
9. Rule Management
10. Rank Management
11. Conversation
12. Audit log, Activity log
13. Feature Management
14. Organization Management
15. Dashboard Notifications

Cyber Security & Audit

1. Security Strategy and Transformation: Proactively anticipate and address evolving security requirements and threats.
2. Architecture: Implement systems that are “Secure by Design”.
3. Threat and Vulnerability management: Protecting the integrity of your applications and systems.
4. Managed Security Services: Tapping into additional security and data privacy expertise


1. Managed AWS
2. Cloud
3. AWS Hosting
4. Billing System
5. Managed Enterprise Cloud on Google
6. AWS Migration
8. Cloud Security
9. DevOps


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What More?

We help banks or any Fin-Tech organizations to overcome the ongoing challenges by offering more freedom to their customers' in banking and Fin-Tech experiences.

  • Extensive Customization

    We offer extensive customization for any Fin-Tech solutions that you can think of. Whether you need customization on Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Mobile Applications, Any Banking Automation, FDI Automation we are the one for you.

  • Fin-Tech Solutions for Automations

    We all know automation will rule the Fin-Tech industry in near future and already the global market is quite ready with the future automation with technical implementation. But are you ready for it? We are here to help you with the automation that your business remands.

  • Block Chain, Crypto Currency, Chat bot & what not

    Chatbots are not new as the financial industry are looking for a reinvented customer experience with cutting costs. Then comes the latest tech items like Block Chain and Crypto Currency, which are the ultimate future. Let us know how we can help you like our existing clients to adapt these avant-garde technologies.